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Purlyf Smacked La Confidential


  • Potent blend of THC-H, D8, THC-P & HHC-P
  • 3-grams of Dabs Per Jar
  • Strain Specific Terpenes
  • Very flavorful and potent
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant


Purlyf Smacked La Confidential

Purlyf Smacked La Confidential alternatively recognized as “Confidential” or “LA Confidential OG. Ready for a Smacked Experience ? Introducing the 3g Purlyf Smacked Dab – Unleash the Incredible Hulk! We are once again revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of our groundbreaking 3-Gram Smacked disposables. Packed with a robust blend of THC-H, HHCP, D8, and D11 Live Resin, Our Purlyf Smacked stands out as a unique and potent option in the market.

Purlyf Smacked La Confidential

However, Discover the unique distinction of Purlyf Smacked La Confidential, characterized by an innovative design and a potent blend of THC-H, D8, THC-P & HHC-P. This carefully crafted formulation guarantees a seamless experience, eliminating concerns about clogging. With 3-grams of dabs per jar infused with strain-specific terpenes, the concentrate boasts a delightful and powerful flavor profile. Enjoy a prolonged and uplifting effect, leaving you with a sense of joy and a harmonious high.

Furthermore, Be Rest assured, all Our Purlyf products comply with the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 and providing a fully legal and satisfying vaping experience.

Choosing Purlyf puts you in control of the radar; a single hit or inhale guarantees a flawless experience with Purlyf.

Purlyf Smacked Disposables How To Use

  1. Unpack: Unbox your Purlyf Smacked Disposable and remove it from the packaging.
  2. Preparation: Ensure the product is from Us Or A trusted Dispensary.
  3. Enjoy: Once Opened, you’re ready to enjoy the flavorful vapor produced by Purlyf Smacked Disposables.

Note: Purlyf Smacked Disposables are not pre-filled. Obtain a new one when the old one is out of use, and be sure to keep this product out of the reach of children.

Purlyf La Confidential is now available for sale! Elevate your senses with this delightful and potent experience. We offer discreet global shipping without labeling. Buy Now and embark on a sensory journey!


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